Wednesday, January 14, 2015

O Christmas Tree

Another holiday tradition we have is we go as a family and cut down our Christmas tree. To tell you the truth I'm never very excited. Sorry! It's part of my Bah Humbug Disease. It's a ton of work getting all the decorations out and the lights on the tree always give me a problem. Have Cam do the lights you say.....ummmm no. You see I am a control freak and I like the lights a certain way. That way is neatly wrapped and evenly spaced with multi color AND white lights...not the creepy bluish white lights but the old fashioned warm white lights. 

Cam always pulls my complaining self into the van and out to get our tree. He's all Fa-la-la-la-la and I'm all...well, you know. Bah. 

PS the photo above really cracks me up. Sis is posing and Cam is hunched over cutting the tree by himself. 

This year I decided I would embrace the outing. I vowed to not care so much about the PERFECT tree. You see, we usually walk around for about an hour while Cam and the kids suggest tree after tree....after tree and I veto all of them. This goes on until all the trees look the same to me and I start to get dizzy from whipping my head around so much. The kids run off some energy and Cam maintains his Christmas cheer and fake smile while allowing me to be indecisive. As a side note Cam once told me that if he could change ANYTHING about me it would be my inability to make a decision. Poor man. 

Okay's HARD to find the "right" tree. Seriously! But, the photo below is me NOT CARING if the tree is perfect. Look at all those trees. It would help me A LOT if there were less trees to choose about three. That would help.

I picked the tree in under 10 minutes. A Christmas Miracle. 

Then we packed back into the van (we have to drive the little van so we don't scratch our newer bus-van) and wait for Cam to pay. 

Candy canes are part of the tradition too. 

After tying it down we head off home with Christmas tunes blaring. I do like that part. 

Once home Cam brings the tree in while I get the area prepped. Then....all chaos ensues as I put on the lights and then all six of my elves ram ornaments onto the tree at warp speed help me decorate the tree. 

Once the tree was done (and I had re-arranged all the ornaments) I was convinced that next year I will go back to looking for the perfect tree. Yes, our tree was pretty but it was a bit small and misshaped. How did I not notice this at the farm. Oh yeah...I was too busy being Easy Breezy. 

Okay, was a lovely tree. My favorite part is the ornaments the kids have made over the years.  And Sis and George had fun making some more and taping them to the tree this year. It added an extra special flair that made me giggle. I loved it. 


  1. Oh, Sweetie, you would HATE every Christmas tree I ever had. But the children liked them (even though I, too, am not fond of much of the Christmas season) because for them it was the family, the traditions, the laughter, the ornaments, the lights, etc. and your children will remember all of that, too - along with the cookies, the "Christmas when we...." and the love. We all accept that love is impossible to make perfect but THAT it is what is truly of value and your love is what your children will always remember. Now. Onward to "Happy New Year 2015" (though I burst out laughing at the crossed out "decorating the tree" part.)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!! Love looking for the 'perfect' 13 foot tree, LOVE decorating the tree, (Grandpa put 1,300 lights on it this year - WOW!!! It was beautiful), LOVE LOVE LOVE getting gifts for the kids, love putting 24 small gifts in the Advent Calendar, and LOVE the food! ...I don't much like the weight gain. Somebody put on FB "Don't blame the Holidays for gaining weight! You were fat before the Holidays!" Made me LOL!



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