Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Slice - Let It Snow

The Slice

We had a snow day awhile back....way back before the Christmas busyness. But, I wanted to post the pics. I thought I'd just intersperse the photos on today's post.

Outside My Window - Foggy mist that's burned off some. I can now see the water and the sun is just starting to come through. Just in time for it to set behind the mountains. The water is still and there are a few boats out today. I don't see any eagles soaring today....they are my favorite.

From The Kitchen - It will be left over Mac n Cheese for dinner tonight. Yummy! It's Martha Stewart's recipe with sharp white cheddar and Gruyere cheeses. Delicious!

For after school snack we just had popcorn. I pop the kernels in olive oil and then sprinkle with a little coarse salt. It's the BEST popcorn in the world!! My friend Joy told me how to make I call it Joy Popcorn.

I Am Thinking - About Spring. Do you start dreaming of springtime as soon as the new year begins? I do! I have a few daffodils pushing through the dirt and it's getting me so excited. Plus, each day is giving me a couple more minutes of daylight. Yes!

I Am Thankful - For healthy kids. We had very sick kids over the holiday break. More on that when I post about Christmas.

I Am Wearing - Black and grey running tights, lavender tshirt, purple pullover hoodie, hot pink socks and new black slippers. Cozy! And yes I did work out today and haven't changed out of my gear.

I Am Creating - Really I'm not doing anything creative. Before Christmas I made some fun Christmas pillows for the living room. The kids and I made pillows and little sleeping bags for some of their stuffed animals/dolls. It was a blast and they loved learning how to sew. I love sewing and wish I had more time to make things. I keep telling myself that I'm going to make the time. Perhaps now that the kids want to sew I will do it.

I Am Going - To a dear friend's bridal shower this weekend. Very excited! Sis will get to come with me...she is the flower girl.

I Am Reading - For book club I am starting The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. I am also excited to read my new magazine....Country Living. I love magazines! I subscribe to Sunset, Real Simple, Cooking Light, and Better Homes and Gardens.

I Am Hoping - To take a yoga class next month. I am not a very flexible person and it really helps my tight muscles.

I Am Hearing - Sis, George and Tuba are painting with water color paints and chatting about our friend's wedding. The other boys are downstairs practicing piano and visiting.

I Am Planning - Our summer vacation....and hoping for a small get away for our spring break. Plans depend on finances.

Around The House - Things are getting back in order after the chaos of of Christmas and the holiday break. I have one tree still up. It's an artificial tree in my bedroom and it's decorated with my teddy bear collection. I thinking of leaving it up right through Valentine's Day. It has lots of red and white and th
e lights are so pretty...and what the heck....I like it.

One Of My Favorite Things - At the end of the day I love to sit and chat with Cam. We often sit in our room (he on the window seat and me in the warm cozy bed) and visit about our day. He really is my best friend and I enjoy our time catching up.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week - It's Cam and my 18th wedding anniversary this weekend. We are going out for appetizers and drinks to our favorite Thai place. Yummy! I'm really looking forward to a night out to celebrate.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely "slice" and for the pictures, too! So nice that you and Cam are friends. Good to be in love but also very nice to like each other and trust each other. Have a wonderful "anniversary" moment!

  2. Love the photos and will have to try the popcorn with olive oil ...yum! Your updates are the best!



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