Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sis is 7!!

Sis has a birthday that lands just after Christmas. This year it's the big 7!! My baby girl! Breakfast was yummy strawberry pancakes with whipped cream. Delicious! 

We took the kids to the movies and saw the new Penguins of Madagascar. It was really fun to get out of the house. I posted earlier it was a bit too soon for Moses and he came home not feeling well. That night we had plans for dinner out. Moses ended up staying home from dinner. Aunt Cinn was also sick so she stayed with him. 

Side story: Moses was really soundly sleeping when Cam woke him and told him that Cinn was staying with him. While we were gone he woke up and didn't see anyone home. Cinn was downstairs resting. I felt like the WORST parent EVER when he told me this. The second we got home I was called into the bathroom as Moses was vomiting. Got that handled and then 20 min. later George decided to copy him. Yike!

Okay, back to Sis and her bday. We went out for fish and chips and burgers. Rootbeer! 

This year Sis got to have her first "kid" party and invite some of her classmates. She chose to have her party at the gymnastic studio. 

Sis picked Frozen as the theme of her party. So fun!

She helped me make the cupcakes.

The snowflake cupcakes turned out really cute. She loved them.

Special water for the guests.

We found this cute goody bag on Pinterest. 

The kids had so much fun. The favorite was jumping into the foam pit. 

Happy Birthday Sis. You are my sweet girl and I adore you. You put the sparkle in our family....literally. You have a loving heart and are a very kind and good friend to kids at school. You are BUSY and WIGGLY and are EXUBERANT. Sometimes you are shy and quiet. I love all of these things about you. I love to cuddle you and I really love to laugh with you. Your sense of humor is very...shall we say...potty humor....and you can get me to laugh at it too. I admire how much you love animals and how you have a connection with them. I love your beautiful voice and am amazed at your memory of songs and the tunes. You are a beautiful girl and I'm glad you are mine. 


  1. Wonderful post - and thank you for the pictures. Yes, she is energetic and musical and brimming with emotions. Such a kind quality (wanting to include others) and a sweet cousin. Love watching her grow into the woman-she-will become.

  2. Happy Birthday Sis!!! May God grant you many years!!! Love the party idea!!! Cupcakes are making me hungry :-) and I really like the 'Do you want to build a snowman' kits, so cute and fun!!! XOXOXOXO



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