Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seeing Santa

One of our yearly traditions before Christmas is to take the kids for a Santa picture. This was our 19th year getting the picture. I string them all on a ribbon in our hallway. It's so fun to look at all the photos side by side.

We have perfected how to do this without standing in a long line for hours. I call ahead and find out what time Santa's break is going to be. Then we arrive about 15 minutes before the break is over. We are always the first or second group in line. It works great! Santa is always so kind and Tuba really loves to see him. The photographer.....hmmmm.....are they all nutty? I don't mean all photographers but the ones hired to take Santa photos. Woo-hoo....crazy. Oh well, it adds to the fun of the day.

We all get dressed up for the occasion too. Tuba was going to wear a tie so the other boys wanted to wear a tie too. Very festive and fun!

Then we traipse through the mall (dodging shoppers) and head out for dinner. Burgers and fries!! Since it's early for dinner there is no wait. We like a nice loud restaurant where we can be ourselves....loud.

The kids color and play Tic Tac Toe while Cam and I visit.

After dinner we stop at our favorite candy store, See's and get some chocolates for the road. Yum! Dark chocolate covered almonds are my favorite...or maybe the s'more candy. Ohhhhh.....

It's a fun day out!


  1. They are growing up!!! I don't think about it until 1) one of the grands stands beside me or 2) I see pictures like these. Over the years you have made what could have been "a duty" into a fun outing. I wish I had more pictures of my family growing up but - I know, it was "back in the day" when having a photo meant buying a camera, buying film, paying for the processing, and no guarantee of the results.

  2. Will take a picture of the photos hanging on the string next year and send it to me please. I should have taken it myself this year but didn't think of it until after we left. XOXOXOXO



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