Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sickest Christmas Ever

I had mentioned in a previous post that we had lots of sickies over the holiday break. It was a whole lot of sickness!

It started in the 3rd week of Dec. when Cam got really sick. Fever, aches, chills, sore throat, bad cough, congestion. He was terribly sick....missed three days of work kind of sick. He never misses work. At the same time I had a bad cold but nothing like Cam had going on. 

We had to miss his work Christmas party because he was too sick and worn down. I was really new red dress, new shoes, fun night out. Bah! 

Then a few days later George got sick with fever and cough. He was bummed and had to miss a Christmas gathering at Nana and Grandpa's house. 

A day or two after George got sick it was Tuba's turn to be sick. Bad! He was so ill that he laid on this window seat for 8 hours straight. He would NOT get up....he barely moved. Again, fever and cough. 

My dad and step mom were scheduled to stay with us for two nights in the midst of this. Cam advised them to skip our house and save themselves. They dropped gifts on the porch and blew kisses.

We had fun plans for Christmas Eve to spend with our dear friends. But, with sick kids we had to cancel. Bummer! We stayed home, had snacks and yummy drinks.

Next up to be sick was Moses....and shortly after was Mr. P. Now, I can't remember days or exact time frames because it was total chaos at our house. While all of this was going on we hosted Cam's sister and her family. Our youngest niece is 1yr. old and she was sick too. She arrived not feeling well and quickly progressed into pneumonia. Very scary! However, with medication she improved quickly AND she was all smiles and happy the entire time. Amazing!

We thought the fevers were behind us so we ventured out of the house on Sis's bday for an afternoon movie. During the movie I looked over at Moses and could tell his fever was back. Ugh! We came home and he went to bed. 

During all the fever sickness I had a terrible tummy ache and threw up Christmas night and then several days later Moses and George threw up too. Aunt Cinn suffered with a terrible tummy ache all night but held tough.

After our company left town the fevers were gone, nobody else had thrown up and we thought things were good. Then George woke up with a screaming bad sore throat. Off to the Dr. to find out it was strep throat.....followed the next day by Mr. P. 

At this point I burst out hysterically laughing. Seriously?! What else could I do?! We had over 3 weeks of sickness. At least one person was sick each day....some days several people were sick. 

Luckily nobody else got the strep. Amazing! The boys are done with their antibiotics and all is 

This was the LONGEST and most unrelaxing holiday break of all time. 

If you were keeping count you might have noticed that Sis was the only one untouched. She has the most amazing immune system. It should be cloned!!

And in case you think I'm complaining....I'm not. Throughout all of the craziness and sickness I was constantly thankful it was nothing worse. Thankful that I was well and could care for the kids. Thankful we were all together. And then....I was REALLY thankful to send them all to school!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. So sad that all the kids, Cam, and you were sick this past Christmas and it's a miracle that I didn't catch any of it! Whew!!! Hopefully next Christmas will be flu free. XOXOXOXO to all

    ...and in the middle of all the sickness you put together an amazing Christmas dinner and party for all of us - Thank you!!! You're the BEST!!!



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