Thursday, April 23, 2015

Holy Week and Pascha Part 2

Cam, Tuba and Moses attended Holy Week services Mon. and Tues. Starting Wed. the rest of us joined in. The services are long but they are beautiful and they are a lovely time spent together. 

On the way home we treat the kids to candy....if they had good behavior. There was one night that the youngest two had to forgo the treat. It's hard being a parent....a good parent that follows through!! They cried and fussed but the next night they were great!

The week is a blur of school, dinner, church....repeat. It's hard but rewarding and fun too.

The big boys were so excited every night to serve. They harped at us to get us out the door on time. I miss standing with them but love to watch them. 

Cam got lots of love from Tuba. Holy Week is his favorite week of the year. Every day he got off the school bus and said, "candles, church, me??". 

How sweet is this?!

Another of my favorite things about Holy Week is since we are at church so much we get to see our friends a lot! Love that. There are some beautiful and loving families in our parish. This is our friend David helping Tuba light his candle. Everyone knows that Tuba LOVES candles. 

Happy boy!!

Moses enduring his Mama and her photo taking. 

The week is a blur of outfit changes. I worked hard this year to pick up the kids' things and hang them up so they would be ready to go again....especially the boys' dress pants. Normally I'd have them do it but it was late and they would strip, put on pj's and plop into bed.

The Lamentations service is Friday night and there are flowers strewn all over the floor. The kids love to gather them up in piles to play with. Sat. morning bay leaves are thrown adding to the flowers left over from the night before. The kids really have fun.

Please note Sis's new shoes. They are so cute and fit her personality. The toes light up too. I was a mean mom (according to her) and wouldn't let her wear them to the night time services....when it's dark in the nave. She was thrilled to put them on Sat. morning!! She loves socks and wears two pair at a time. I try to guide her sock choice but most of the time it's unsuccessful....or she puts on what she wants and then runs out to the van. 

Check out her snowman socks. At least those match the other colors in her dress. 

Moses busy serving as acolyte.

Both boys during communion.

And the reason for Holy Week. We stand right in front of this icon in church. A beautiful reminder of why we attend and celebrate Pascha. 

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  1. Good for you making all, or most, of the services, I only made it to 2. Next year I'm taking vacation for Holy Week so work won't get in the way. Wonderful pictures!!! I love seeing the boys serving, really warms my heart. Didn’t know Sis loves socks, next time I get her an outfit I’ll find some fun socks to go with it. And could George look any sweeter! Beautiful and heart-warming photo of Cam and Tuba ...need to frame it.



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