Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break

We just had a whirlwind week of Spring Break! We didn't go out of town this year....didn't have the extra cash after buying patio furniture.

But, we did lots of local day trips and had a ton of fun!! Cam took off Mon., Thurs., and Fri., for some long weekends.

Monday's adventure was a bike ride. We rode our favorite trail and took in the beautiful outdoors. The birds were singing and everything was in bloom. Magnificent.

We packed a picnic and enjoyed the sunny day. 

At the end of the trail is an old barn....and a resting area. We refueled with snacks and drinks. Really healthy snacks...NOT! It's vacation so we allowed total junk food. Red ropes and Doritos are delicious eaten in the sunshine. I did pack some cantaloupe to balance it out. 

Our kids are awesome...although I include myself in the awesome part too....we rode 16 miles!! Cam likes to point out that the kids are awesome because they rode 16 miles on BMX bikes.

AND....why oh why oh why do I have to see a snake while out enjoying the day??!! I screamed and held my legs straight out to the sides. That nasty garter snake tried to bite me with it's HUGE fangs, and then it chased after me in a side winding motion and lunged at me so it could squeeze me to death and eat me. Seriously...this is all true. Mostly true anyway. I hate snakes. Blech....*shivers*


  1. I love that your children are healthy, active, smart and talented. (I thinking parenting has something to do with that)

  2. Beautiful setting and, as usually, great photos of you and your family. Also love that red barn!



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