Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break...more of it

Whoa...we just finished up Holy Week and Pascha. I still have things from spring break to share and then even more from Holy Week. I'll have to post daily to get caught up. 

Here goes more of our staycation....

Cam worked Tues. and Wed. On Tues. I took the kids to the library and out for treats. They got gobs of books and since it was vacation I let them check out some movies too. We love our local library. What's better than an afternoon of free fun?!

On Wednesday I took the kids to the beach. Sunshine and log jumping and rock throwing fun. Plus, out for ice cream treats too. 

Cam got home in time for some deck happy hour in the sun. Bliss!


  1. Thank goodness for cameras and blogs - they give such a nice ability to share the love.

  2. What fun! Especially the deck 'happy hour' in the sun! ;-)



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