Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Holy Week and Pascha Part I

Here goes.....

Holy Week was fun...and long...and busy. I didn't get that many photos this year. But, here's the best of them.

Palm Sunday

The kids LOVE Palm Sunday...known to Cam and I as "Poke your parents' eye out day". Ha!!

Sis got busy making crosses with the Palm leaves.

Little brother too.

Actually there was much less palm poking this year. The middle boys served on the altar the the littles were busy making palm crafts. 


I see you...pretty girl.

Tuba loves to wave his palm around. 

We process around our church building waving our palms....and since Orthodox Christians celebrate on a different calendar than Western Christians...we get A LOT of really funny looks. 

My sweet boys did an amazing job!



  1. I love Palm Sunday! Love seeing Moses and Mr. P serving on the altar, and the little ones making crosses with the Palm leaves, and Tuba is just sweet sweet sweet Mr. Precious!

  2. I love how your family celebrates and practices their faith. Thank you so much for posting the pictures!



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