Friday, April 24, 2015



Our Pascha service starts at 10:30 pm. It's crazy to be getting ready for church at bedtime. 

George was asleep in the van on the way to church and came right in, laid down and went to sleep. 

My mom and Bill joined us for Pascha. It was REALLY fun!!

Tuba was all excited!! 

My sweet girl was not so tired. I tried and tried to get her to lay down and sleep. Nope. She slept about 20 min. and then woke up. By the time we went downstairs to celebrate and break the fast she was a wreck. TIRED!! She snapped at me...I WANT TO GO HOME!!

We pack lots of yummy treats! All our perishables were in the cooler staying chilled. 

This year we came home earlier than we ever have. We rolled into our driveway about 3:30. Ugh. Very tired!!

And the next day is the Carnival!! The Pascha Feast and Carnival is Sunday....after we try to sleep in and rest. Really it goes more like drag ourselves out of bed and wonder WHY the children wake up so early, make a yummy breakfast, and then rush around getting food ready for the feast and packing the car full of carnival items. 

The feast day is all about fun...I call it...Let Your Hair Down Day. The kids know they can wear what they want, eat what they want and just play and have fun. 

I was having too much fun at the carnival and didn't take many photos! I did snap this cute one of all the little kids at the egg hunt. The kids were running all over the park with their baskets and people kept driving by and looking at us so strange. We realized it was a week past Western Easter and they must have thought we were nuts! Ha!

The kids jumped all day in the bouncy house. A great way to let off steam. 

After the Carnival we clean up and headed home about 7:00 pm. We were bone tired, hiney dragging tired, exhausted!!

And...hungry!!!! We took the kids out for burgers. You can see from the photos that non-stop church services, plus lack of sleep, plus too much bouncy house and sugar creates some wild kids. 

Or should I say....Wild Sis!!

And a Crazy Mom!!

Whew!!! What a week!! 

Christ Is Risen!! Indeed He Is Risen!!


  1. I don't know which makes me smile more - your great pictures or your "explanatory" words.

  2. Christ is Risen!!! Indeed He is Risen!!!
    Thank you for inviting us to Pascha service at your church, I love spending the time with you, Cam and the kids! Great photo of you and me :-)
    Where does Sis get all that energy? Wish you could bottle it and give some to me.
    Maybe next year Mary can come to the carnival and egg hunt with the other kids.

  3. That can NOT be your mom! She looks like she could be your sister!

    1. Carrie, my mom would like to meet you and hug you!! ;)
      Yes, she looks great! I'm hoping those same genes work well for me!



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