Saturday, August 11, 2007

I love magazines!

So....I did something I don't think I've ever done. I quit reading a book right in the middle of it. The book is Wild Swans. It was too much politics and war....not my cup of tea. I really liked following the people's lives but the other stuff wasn't too interesting to me. Also, I've realized that my favorite thing lately (the last 2 years or so) is to sit in bed at night, read magazines, and listen to the TV at the same time. Here's the list of magazines I subscribe to (in order of favorite to least favorite:
Real Simple
Martha Stewart Living
Family Fun
Weight Watchers
Other magazines I really like and occasionally buy or just read at the gym are:
People (I never buy this but really enjoy reading it during a hard or boring workout)
I did put a couple books on hold at the library. The first one I'm going to read is Love In The Driest Season. I read an excerpt in Adoption magazine and it sounds really good.

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