Friday, August 17, 2007

Swim Lessons

The two "big" boys finished swim lessons yesterday. They really learned a ton. Tuba had private one-on-one lessons with a great teacher who has worked with special needs kids in the past. He can now hold onto a kick board or dumbbell, kick his feet and move across the pool. He also has a much better understanding of how to stand up in the water when his feet get out from under him. He loves to dunk his face too! Mr. 4 yr. old went from not even wanting to get in the pool to jumping off the edge to his teacher. He had an adorable young girl for his teacher. She was animated and fun, yet firm....which was good. He loved singing the songs and doing "motor boat". He didn't love putting his face in the water but is now doing it.....somewhat willingly. It was a hoot to watch him with the kick board. He was hold his head completely out of the water! I'm really pleased with their progress and hope to have all three boys in classes this fall.

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