Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Just for's a list of the many strange and funny things said to us this year.

I just kept watching and watching as the kids came rolling out of your car. People in parking lots tell us this as they stare open mouthed.

Are they twins? This was asked a couple of times.

So, you guys do daycare. Said to us by the plumber at our house while watching me feed the kids lunch.

What makes you want to have so many kids? Said to us by the house appraiser looking at our home.

A woman asked Cam if Lydia was Indian and Cam told her no that she was Ethiopian. See, I told you she wasn't black the woman said to her friend. This was at the park and the women were African American...not sure if they were confused on their geography or what?

Are you crazy? No, we aren't crazy...well maybe we are but that has nothing to do with our choice to have 5 children;)

Are you trying to be like Brad and Angelina? Oh, please! The only thing we have in common is adoption...well, and our sex appeal...LOL! Seriously, we don't mind this comment so much. Brangelinas do have a nice family and they care very much about the orphans of this world.

Are they siblings? This is asked about Lydia and Busy Guy...we just respond yes they are now. A few leave it at that and an annoying few try to ask again as if we didn't understand the question.

Your kids were very good at dinner. We were nervous when the hostess sat you next to us. We've heard this many times as we leave a restaurant. The horrible looks we get when walking into the restaurant have made Cam dub us the "Restaurant Lepers".

And the most common comment...

Wow, you've got your hands full! We hear this one regularly...Yes, we have our hands full but also our hearts:)

We have had an amazing year! Full of fun and laughter and yes, hard work too. It will be a year to remember. When we are old and our days are mundane we will look back, reflect, laugh and cherish all the memories from this special year.

Happy New Year!


  1. You SO will.
    Just today Mike and I found video from when our youngest was just three and I was HUGE as a house pregnant.
    It's so much fun to look back.
    Here's to an awesome '09!

  2. Love this, and I predict you will hear many, many more!

    The daycare one cracks me up... I was out with my crew when they were younger, and someone actually asked me for my card. I was so confused until she said she was looking for a new daycare provider.

    Or how about "Are you done yet?" "Are you having more?" People are so silly sometimes.



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