Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Visit

This year's Santa visit was as chaotic as the rest. Getting 5 kids dressed in Christmas finery and out the door to meet Santa was a task. Standing in line waiting and anticipating makes for some interesting antics. Mr. P and Busy Guy were excited...with Busy Guy running back and forth in the small confines of the line...Mr. P telling on him and/or directing him. Tuba was a stinker and used the opportunity to run away and try to escape out a nearby door. Sis cranked and cried and didn't want to be in her stroller...or her fancy dress. Baby George sat nicely and watched the chaos ensue. Lucky for us the line wasn't too long...about 20 minutes. Once inside to meet Santa Busy Guy ran right up to him and was all smiles and chatted him up. Mr. P cautiously approached while Tuba got instantly shy and all smiley. Sis took one look and cried...all the more when I placed her on his lap. She wasn't really too afraid of Santa but just wanted me to hold her. Baby George sat happily on Santa's lap.
The end result is a cute and funny photo. Our favorite shots over the years are the funny ones. The look on Busy Guy's face is his "I'm so funny" and not one of fright...although that's what it looks like. Baby George looks huge...well he is huge but it's just so funny to see him next to Sis who is 6 months older than he is. After this year's chaos Cam asked if next year we could take a photo at home and have Santa "Photo Shopped" in? Ummm....NO! This photo has been added to the line of Santa photos put out each year. It brings me so much joy and is what gets me through the experience of having the photo taken.

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