Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ethiopian Weekend

We spent the weekend at our adoption agency gathering. We had a great time connecting with other families that have kids from Ethiopia and Ghana. There was a little boy who had been at Layla House with Busy Guy and another little boy who had been there with Sis. So special to see these kids again. These babies shared the first months of their lives together....shared a nursery, shared cribs and shared caretakers. I think of them as my children's first siblings. I also saw some teenage girls that I had met on my trip 3 years ago to Ethiopia. Wonderful to see these girls in families and doing so well.

The teenage girls were braiding all the little girl's hair. So fun to watch...and try to learn. Sissy's hair is getting really long but it's still too fine (baby hair) so not ready for braids yet.

Ethiopian dance lessons. Cute girl on Busy Guy's left is our friends' daughter...and cute girl on Busy Guy's right is our same friends' older daughter (home from Ethiopia just before Sis came home).

Sis dancing to the Ghanaian drummers. So much fun and so moving to listen to. Sis really got going...clapping and jumping around and dancing up a storm.
Mr. P and Busy Guy got a lesson on the Ghanaian drums.
Sis playing outside with her partner in crime! This little sweetie is another friend of ours daughter. She and her sisters have been home from Ethiopia for about 6 months.

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