Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping boy style

I took Mr. P shopping yesterday for back to school supplies and clothes. We were excited to spend some time together...just the two of us. We headed to Target with our list in hand...and some yummy drinks from Starbucks. Mr. P decided we would gather the list of supplies for Kindergarten first and then shop for clothes. It took about 20 minutes to get our supplies and it was fun to have him help search for things and pick them out.

Next, we were off to get clothes. The only two kids that need clothes for Fall are Tuba and Mr. P. Busy Guy and Baby George have TONS of clothes due to the hand-down factor. Sis has a stocked closet thanks to a friend's generosity in passing bags and bags of girly things onto us. I knew that getting pants to fit my boys is always a challenge so we loaded some jeans and pants into the cart and headed to the dressing room. Yes, I had to inform Mr. P...we are going to try them on. We got into the room and realized that Mr. P was wearing swim shorts...with the built in undies...ooops! Well, at least I had to buy new undies too:)
He was a trooper and tried on about 6 pair of pants in the first round. They are always too short if they fit in the waist and way to big in the waist if they fit in the length....in other words...my boys are tall and skinny! In the second round of try-ons he donned another 6 pair of pants for me. He tolerated my adjusting and tugging and even my outright giggling at how big some of the pants were on him...clown pants. After settling on 2 jeans and 2 other pants we headed to pick out shirts....and get pants/shirts for Tuba to try on at home.

I could see that I was losing Mr. P's enthusiasm for shopping and he was getting whiny and ready to GO. He started fussing and told me...."Mom, you know how when I've been playing video game for a long time and you say that's enough, turn it off, WELL, that is how I feel about shopping, it's enough now". HA...LOL....cracked me up. I thought he might faint when I suggested we stop at Old Navy after Target...."no, I just want to go home" he protested. Sheesh! I can't wait til Sis is big enough to go shopping with me and we can go ALL day...not just 2 hours.

I treated him to lunch and then took him home...exhausted but happy with his new school things:)

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  1. How very, very funny! I hated shopping and used to buy whatever I could via the Pennys and Sears catalogues. When my kids were old enough I'd take them to the mall, give them X amount of money and say, "Whatever you buy you'll have to wear!" Cam was always THE BEST shopper of them all. I'm very impressed that Mr. P. hung out as long as he did and also I just love that he was smart enough to do the "video game enough" argument.



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