Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snuggle Fest

Tuba, Busy Guy, Cam and Mr. P all snugged up for bed.

I work hard to get my kids to sleep in their own beds. When Tuba was little it took some time to get him sleeping in his own bed. I sat on the edge of his bed and sang to him....for a LONG time each night. I'd lay next to him and then creep out when he was asleep. Then something happened. I got a job teaching at night at the community college. It became Cam's job to put Tuba to bed. Hmmmmm. In about a week's time Tuba no longer slept in his own bed! I'd come home and find the two of them all snuggled up and asleep in Cam and I's bed. I tried to explain to Cam that someday Tuba would be 40 years old and still be sleeping in our bed. Cam looked at e all confused and shrugged his shoulders and said, "so". Great! I cannot sleep with kids in my bed. They wiggle and snore and wiggle and sweat and wiggle and talk in their sleep and wiggle!!! I wake up each time. Ugh! So, I've worked really hard with each kid to have them sleep in their own bed.

Last night Cam and I put the kids to bed and then Cam went to bed and I went to the livingroom to read. When I came to bed this is what I found! Oh, good grief. As I carried Busy Guy to his bed he sleepily told me, "no, Daddy said we could have a snuggle fest". LOL.

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