Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Cam's graduation. On Sat. we went to the university's graduation brunch. We had a sitter so it was a nice day date. The food was yummy and we sat at big round tables with other families. It was fun to chat with the other people at our table....well, it was fun until a woman sat down next to me and asked if I was a mom of a graduate. WHAT? Ummmm, No....I'm a wife of a graduate student was my nice reply. But...in my head I was thinking something more like....HELLO! I'm only 39...and I think I look pretty good for that age!!!! Do I look old enough....yikes....I need a makeover....a face lift....some botox! Okay, I guess I could actually be a mom of a college graduate but I'd have been 17 when the child was born. Yes, it's possible...but I have two babes in diapers so I just don't see myself at the stage yet. Sheesh!

After the brunch we went and got the kids and went off to a picnic with Cam's classmates. It was fun to meet everyone and show off our kids. It was at a park on a lake and the weather was lovely. We played in the sun and had a picnic under the trees.

Sunday was graduation. We started the day off with church. So nice to have Cam home for the weekend! The graduation ceremony was held in the big city at an arena. Cam's parents, my mom and step-dad joined Cam and I along with Tuba, Mr. P and Busy Guy. The babes stayed home with a sitter. It was a long ceremony but our kids did great! We cheered SUPER loud for Cam. We are so proud of him!!!! After it was over we went home, picked up the babes and went out to a lovely dinner to celebrate with everyone. Yummy dinner and fun time with family.

Yeah Cam! So excited to be......almost done. Yes, not quite done yet. It is the anticlimactic graduation. Now, 8 weeks of clinicals and then....DONE. This week is the break and then next week starts the last quarter. Three days a week Cam will be working in the ER of a hospital....located 60 miles from our home. Yes, at least a 2 hour commute each day. Good grief. We do live in a major metropolis and have at least 15 hospitals located closer. One day a week he will be working in a family practice office on the near by Indian Reservation. Two days a week he will be working his paying job in the ICU. And...yes, left is ONE day a week to see us. :0 It's going to be rough...but it's the END!!!! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo!


  1. Way to go!! Sounds like one happy, stick together, I'll cheer you on, family to me :) What a blessing!

  2. Yes, it is countdown time! finally! I know the final clinicals are far away but the experience Cam gets there will really be amazing and put him at the top of his game for triage and practice. BUT we are all so happy for you and proud of Cam and delighted that you BOTH pulled this off successfully. lesser folks would have thrown in the towel. Especially back in the beginning when the dreaded FLU hit. But you persevered and now, success, a countdown-of-days to the finish line.



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