Friday, June 11, 2010

Rowdy Bunch

We went to Costco today with the brood in tow. Yes, I was asking myself "why?" after about 5 seconds. The boys were super hyper and running around, clowning it up, giggling, constantly ignoring what I was saying, and getting into everyone's way. Now, if you ask my hubby he would say they were fine, great, just having fun. OH! I stopped and asked Cam if the kids were driving him nuts...he just shrugged and said, "not really". So, basically it's a good thing kids are usually given parents with somewhat different...okay, completely opposite tolerance levels. :) I decided to just loosen up (this is good for me) and enjoy our time. I saw a lady giggling at my cart. As I turned around I saw Sis and Liam were licking each other....on each other's tongue!!! The were hysterically laughing and as I tried to scold them and tell them not to do it I started to laugh too. We were all cracking up which only made them do it more. OH! When we got into line to pay we looked like a 3-ring circus. Mr. P was leaning into Busy Guy and making him laugh. All of a sudden BG smacked his hands into Mr. P's mouth and ripped out his tooth. Yes, it was a loose tooth. Mr. P was so shocked. He stood there with blood filling his mouth and then realized he didn't know where the tooth was. Cam quickly spotted the tooth on the floor and I scooped it up for the tooth fairy. By this time we had attracted even more attention and Cam and I were laughing. As I paid for our loot the checker asked "is it always this chaotic?". HA! Even more I told her while still laughing.


  1. i won't even bring my two into costco. i don't know how you are still sane :)
    must be wine.

  2. Oh, Mr. P. - Tooth Fairy Time! Excellent thing to keep laughing. Sanity lives around the corner from laughter...insanity lives across the street and down the road about 3 miles.

  3. "These are happy days..." said Mother Walten on the famous TV show. You are blessed!!



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