Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding Date

Cam and I were invited to a wedding on Sat. Yeah! I love weddings. It's a night out for us. Nice dinner, nice drinks, nice company, fun dancing. We had a sitter and were very excited to get dressed up and go. I bought a new dress...and shoes. Fun! It was an evening wedding in the big city with a cocktail hour and sitdown dinner. I figured my closet of church skirts and sweaters...and my staple of sweats and jeans would not cut it. I needed a DRESS!

Luckily Cam was home a bit more this week so I headed to my favorite store, sought out my favorite sales-gal and got to work trying on dresses. Actually, before I hit the dress department I hit the foundations dept....that's bras and undies. Let me just say that my underthings were so old, so worn out, so not fitting me that if I had been in an accident I would have died before I let a paramedic cut my clothes off and see those ragged things! Seriously! Can I just say too that getting a new that like losing 10 lbs. or getting a new body. I felt so great! I was looking in the mirror thinking...Oh, now I remember where my breasts are supposed to be....and it's not down around my stomach. :)

Off to try on dresses. Basically, I tried on dozens of dresses. Yes, that's right. I can tell you that I was sweaty and so overwhelmed by the time I narrowed my decision to 2 dresses. The worst and most embarrassing part is that I woke up the next morning....sore! Great. I'm so out of shape that wrestling with dresses caused me to be stiff and sore. My lack of fitness...well, that is a topic for another post.

Okay, so I decided on a gorgeous dress...basically The Little Black Dress. Of course I needed shoes to go with it too. Love, love, love...I'm in love with my smokin' hot shoes! Okay, so I can't run in them...or walk faster than a turtle but they are gorgeous.

My handsome hubby got a new shirt....and looked so great in his dressed up attire. Really, we live in sweats/work-out clothes/jeans and yes, mostly me in flannel pj pants. So, it was fun to dress up. We clean up pretty good.

The wedding was super fun. I got to meet lots of Cam's co-workers. We ate, drank, and danced...and came home by 10:00. I don't know if we are getting old but we have wee ones that will be up by 6:00 am. No, they will not care that we stayed up late.

The best part of the night was the bouquet toss. The bride and groom asked all the guest to gather on the dance floor. They announced that the person who catches the bouquet would be blessed with children. They called it the Fertility Bouquet. I looked at Cam and told him to duck and roll if it came near us. Side Note: Not that we have made any final decisions about adding to our family (no more pregnancies but adopting again hasn't been decided) BUT I/we are a bit taxed at the moment with our little ones. It's a busy house with some very busy bees.....I mean toddlers. Anyway, I was planning to dive out of the way of this flying flower bundle. Apparently, Cam had other plans/feels different than I do/or had one too many glasses of wine. My tall hubby placed himself in the center of the crowd and as soon as those flowers left the bride's hand Cam jumped into the air like Michael Jordan. He nabbed that Fertility Bouquet right out of the air....much to the disappointment of about a dozen young couples. The crowd roared with laughter as they all know that Cam has 5 kids. this crowd 5 kids is A LOT. It was hilarious.

Any time I get out with my hubby it's a fun time but there is something really romantic and fun about going to a wedding. Anyone else getting married soon....anyone who wants to invite us...anyone want to toss the Fertility Bouquet for Cam?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful evening. I love your shoes and dress and yes, Cam's new shirt. You two certainly DO "clean up good." I am so glad you got to have a fun evening. As for the bouquet, I only laugh.

  2. You two look HOT! …like ‘Movie Stars’ really. :-)

    ...great shoes, what size are they?

  3. Yay- more grandbabies! I LOVE Cam!

  4. You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Lovely pics..

    totally LOLing about the fertility bouquet!



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