Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We had such a great 4th of July weekend. Cam was home and it is my very favorite holiday. All the fun and not so much work. We spent the day with our friends and had delicious food and such a good time visiting and watching the kids play. The weather was the only complaint! Very cold...I wore my down coat...in July! And it rained a bit here and there. The solution was a big bonfire...and more food. :)

These beautiful pies made by my friend Teri were as good as they look!

The kids got LOTS of time to run and play and be very silly with their Godbrothers!
Lots of time to visit and snuggle babies around the fire.
Everyone enjoyed fireworks...especially when all the kids did sparklers. Man was it smoky!
Oh, what fun the kids had getting rides on the quad. Even I took the kids for a ride...and Mr. P was quick to let me know I wasn't as good as Dad! :0
Tuba of course hunkered down by the bonfire.
The wee ones had a great time swinging and even pushed each other.
A great shot of all the kids...minus one baby who had gone to bed.


  1. sounds fun! love your new blog layout

  2. Yeah for family. Yeah for friends. Yeah for living in a country where we can each and every person enjoy our country's special day...even in down jackets or (like me) indoors. Thank you for sharing the pictures.



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