Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

We spent the day at the Zoo yesterday. It was our first day of really warm weather and it was nice to spend it outdoors. Tuba was sick and went to Nana's house to hang out with her. We were taking Baby George to the Zoo for his birthday which is coming up. He's almost 2!!!

We started our trip with a lovely picnic in the shade. Considering it was 60 degrees on the 4th of July we were thrilled to enjoy a day of 89 degrees! that is not BG's Diet Coke. ;) He was happy with his apple juice since I never buy juice at home....too sticky! Blech!

We brought our little red wagon and even put the canopy on it for nice shade. Of course the wee ones rode in it for about 3 minutes. But, the BIG kids wanted to ride in it the whole time. I had to pull my mean mom voice out. After telling them about 100 times that they are too heavy to pull...that they are young...that they should enjoy running around...I lost my mind and yelled at them some ridiculous thing about not taking them to Disneyland since they can't walk around a zoo for 3 hours and Disneyland will be walking around for days on end. Nice! I'm such a good parent. :0

We found this wild animal to be the most entertaining. Isn't he cute?

The grounds at the zoo are as wonderful as the animals. The paths are full of trees and shrubs and it was so shady and cool. A perfect place to go on a hot day.Sis spent the day running, and jumping and running some more. She dug in the dirt and threw rocks...and ate some rocks. She was so dirty that she looked like we had drug her behind the wagon all day long. Her she is fast asleep on the way to dinner. Good thing I had a change of clothes for her. How do you like her hair? She ripped the "pretty" out and fell fast asleep. Those feet are yummy! After a quick nap she was refreshed and ready to go again...after I gave her a sponge bath with diaper wipes.

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  1. so glad the kids are enjoying their birthday present(s)!



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