Thursday, July 1, 2010

7th Birthday Boy!

It was Mr. P's 7th Birthday. Oh, how the time has flown. Cam and I got all teary looking at the photos of when he was born. We had waited and prayed for so long for another child. His big brother Tuba was over the moon. He couldn't really understand the concept of a new baby coming but when he came up to the hospital to meet the baby...he was thrilled! Here's that bundle of joy 7 years ago. Precious!
Tuba's reaction to meeting his new brother.
He jumped right into my bed so he could hold his new brother. Tuba was 7 years old when Mr. P was born. He was so tiny though due to the Ketogenic diet he had been on for 3 years.
Cam with his two boys. Look how proud Tuba is! is Mr. P today! So big. The birthday started out at 5:30 am when he woke up and realized his VERY loose tooth was out...he quickly located it in the back of his cheek. We had the traditional pancake breakfast with birthday candles in the pancakes. Then we were off for a day of fun. Mr. P choose to go to 321 Bounce. It's a big building filled with bouncy houses and bouncy slides. So fun!
Next we came home for a quick lunch and put the wee ones down for a nap. Mr. P, Busy Guy and I went to the mall to buy me a new pair of sunglasses....courtesy of Sis and her expert sunglass arm removal technique. :0 The boys needed a haircut so we stopped in and did that too. Since it's summer I let Busy Guy get that mohawk he wanted so bad! Doesn't he look tough? We came home picked up the tribe and headed to the beach. They were having a Farmer's Market which we perused and bought fresh raspberries. Off to the park to play for a bit. The sun was out and the breeze was lovely.
The train tracks run along the edge of the park. These two characters were so entranced when the train rolled through. They sat down to watch it go by.
Next on the agenda....led by the birthday boy...was a ferry ride. We can walk on and go for a ride and then back.

After the ferry ride we went to dinner at Ivar's for some fish and chips. Then off to home and swimming lessons. After swimming we went home for cake and ice cream! What a day!!! It was so much fun. I was so tired!
So tired that this morning I woke up to hear, "Mom, the tooth fairy forgot to come". Oh!!! Whoops...that tooth fairy. I told Mr. P that his shelf (where he put the tooth) was so messy she probably couldn't find it. LOL. He is cleaning the shelf today. ;)


  1. What a wonderful and fun day! Great pictures of all the kids ...Tuba so sweet - I remember how happy he was when Mr.P was born, Mr.P missing his front tooth, Busy Guy's hair cut, and the babies watching the train - precious! Grandpa and I are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday for more birthday fun.

  2. what a perfectly wonderful birthday! you are such an amazing mom.

  3. Quick thinking, tooth fairy!! And you guys really know how to celebrate a birthday. :-)

  4. Oh, Mr. P, we are so glad you are here! when you were born, Tuba loved holding you (and kissing you. The pictures of your 7th birthday are so much fun. It's grand you got to have such a Looong and full birthday celebration. (And the chocolate cake was excellent)

  5. Ha! Grandma Stevens, who volunteers at VR, once told me that when her son lost a tooth and she forgot about the tooth fairy she told him "How many times do I have to tell you? If you live in the city the tooth fairy comes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and if you live in the country she comes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?" I guess he believed her! Happy birthday Mr. P.!



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