Monday, July 26, 2010

Weighing In

Baby George finally decided to be a Big Boy and swing with the other kids. Three of the kids had Dr. appointments last week. Tuba had his check-up at the neurologist and the wee ones had their well child visit. Here's the stats...

Tuba: 5' 1" (yes, that's 2" shy of moi!!) and 84 lbs. (not even close to my weight!)

BG: 34 in. and 29 lbs.

Sis: 35 in. and 26.4 lbs.

and the boys weighed in here at home...

Mr. P: 50 in. AND 50 lbs.

Busy Guy: 39.5 in. and 33 lbs.

Did you notice that Baby George is catching up quickly to Busy Guy?? Baby G. is wearing a size 8 shoe and Busy Guy is wearing a 9! And...their weight and height...pretty close. Baby George loves food and eats twice what Busy Guy eats in a day. No wonder he is catching up to his big brother.

As for my weight....well, it's on the downswing. I've returned to Weight Watchers and am doing well. The first week I lost 3 lbs. and am on week 2 now. I need to get these lbs. off for once and for all. Since my baby is two I cannot really blame him or the Gestational Diabetes anymore for my weight gain....darn it! I've been making time for the gym and eating LOTS of veggies. I feel good and know I can do this. Slow and steady is my plan. I have 15 lbs. to shed. Besides losing weight I want to tone up and give my heart some attention....oh, and get back to my closet full of size 6 pants.

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  1. Noah is pretty much Busy Guy's exact same size--40.5 inches and 32lbs and Zoë is Sis's size 35 inches and 23lbs. How funny--they came home at the same time and are the same size. Too cute. Glad everyone is doing well.



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