Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday Time Again

It just can't be. My baby is 2! My sweet baby boy is getting so big. I'm glad he still likes to cuddle with me. Here he is two years ago. Beautiful sweet baby.Sis and I getting some time together. She had been home only 4 days when baby brother was born.
Proud big brothers. Busy Guy is missing from all these photos. Yes, he was at the hospital too...but he was just TOO busy to be in any photos. He was busy pushing all the buttons and alarms found in my room! No joke. He did make it into our family photo (shown on my blog side-bar).
And...the big boy today. Cake! Yummy. He would not look at the camera and would not smile. Stinker! He did however LOVE the raspberry and whip cream cake....and really loved the truck and trailer with motorcycle on top of the cake.

Happy Birthday to my sweet cuddly baby boy!

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