Monday, July 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy

That Tooth Fairy! She can't catch a break! Poor gal.

Mr. P has been losing teeth like crazy. The Tooth Fairy was right on it when the first couple teeth came out. Even then when the third came out...she was right on it. Now, about the time the fourth tooth popped...well, I think she headed out on vacation!

Remember from Mr. P's Birthday post...the Tooth Fairy forgot to come. I blamed his messy shelf and he quickly got to work cleaning it up. Viola! The next day there was his money. Great!

Well, this week the fifth tooth came out. Mr. P put the tooth in the little tooth box and the next morning....Nothing!!! What is happening to that Tooth Fairy? I think she is losing it. When Mr. P announced the second time that he had been forgotten....Well, I was thinking I needed to have a talk with that girl! Sheesh...what exactly is her problem?? Mr. P told me he thought that she probably couldn't get into his room to get his tooth because his door was shut all night. Okay, so I went with it. "Yes, I'm sure that is what happened" I agreed. Then, I quickly laid out $2.00 on the bathroom counter and sent Mr. P in to brush his teeth. He came out holding the money, "what's this?". I assured him that the money must have been left in there since she couldn't access his room. He seemed unsure...he did still have the tooth after all in his room. I guess he thinks it's a swap, tooth-money deal. Last night he announced that Meg (his sitter and our dear friend) told him when she was little that she put her tooth in a glass of water in the kitchen for the Tooth Fairy. When I asked him about the money he already received he said he would give it to me since it probably wasn't from the Tooth Fairy anyway...but probably just money we left laying around.
Ugh! This was becoming too much work! I gave in and let him put his tooth in the a glass of water. At bedtime I....I mean the Tooth Fairy left $2.00 on the counter and threw the tooth out. I could sleep easy knowing that was taken care of. I was the first one up this morning and I was making myself tea and noticed the money was gone.....GONE! I could hear Mr. P stirring and started to freak out. In a matter of seconds I mentally blamed Cam for the money being gone. I thought he must have not noticed the tooth glass on top of it??? I was instantly annoyed with his pilfering of the Tooth Fairy money. I ran like a mad woman with hair on fire to my purse and scrounged for another $2.00. Thankfully I had it. I ran back to the kitchen and put in under the glass. With a wipe of the brow I settled back down. In walks Mr. P, he points to the money and asks, "what's that?". I tell him it's the Tooth Fairy money and show him how the tooth is gone this time. He looks at me all concerned. "But I already took the money. I woke up last night around midnight and came to see if she had come yet" he tells me. WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying!!!! I managed a little squeak and mumbled something about double his money for all the trouble.
Oh, brother. She is fired! She is retired. That tooth Fairy...she just can't catch a break!


  1. LOL! That was really funny. I honestly laughed out loud! You, I mean the Tooth Fairy, needs to get it together cause it looks like there are a whole lot more teeth to still fall out! :)

  2. smile I've had in a couple days!I'm with Megan...tooth in glass of water and in the kitchen. (though your bathroom tooth fairy is really and excellent remember-when story)

  3. Oh Becky, that is so funny, I really did laugh out loud! We always put our teeth in a glass of water, too. I have no idea where that came from!

  4. LOL ...really ROFL! Wonder what Mr. P was really thinking when the $2 reappeared ...hahahah



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