Monday, July 12, 2010


Around here summer is pretty short. We have to get out there and enjoy the nice weather. Our summer had a slow start and lots of extra cold weather. What better way to still get outside than to have a bonfire....and smores! Mmmmmm. Really, there is little I love more than sitting around a toasty fire, in a toasty coat, and eat a smore. Yum!
We went to my mom's house...and here I am wearing that toasty coat. It's my mom's bonfire coat (since it already has holes in it from sparks). I love it! It's like wearing a sleeping bag. Plus a nice glass of red wine. Beautiful!
Cam is the BEST marshmallow roaster on Earth. Seriously! It's why I married, really it is!!!
My mom bought these HUGE marshmallows that tasted like a vanilla cloud. Yummo!

My nephews were there for the day too. Cousin fun!

Grandpa always builds a BIG fire...of course Tuba is happy to help out with that chore...and Busy Guy too.
And...a big nature walk to burn off the smores. Well, not for me. I prefer to watch. ;)

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