Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Boy

What a beautiful boy! I can't imagine my life without this sweet amazing baby. Thank you God for this gift.
Update on Baby George:

My baby boy is getting so big. He outweighs his Sis by about 5 lbs. He is solid. The kids like to call him Tank. He isn't chubby but just solid. He loves food!! Cam laughed and commented the other day that every time he looks at BG there is food in his mouth. :) It's true he doesn't miss any opportunity to eat.

Baby George is thinking about potty training. Some days he wants to...some days...NOT. He does like to wear big boy undies and can stay dry for long periods of the day when he is wearing them. He'll do it soon. I'm seeing dollar signs...$$$. No kids in diapers...amazing...soon!

BG is the snuggliest loviest guy. He wakes up in the morn happy to cuddle. Often during the day he asks to go sit and cuddle too. He is the best hugger. He wraps his little arms around your neck and then pats the back of your neck. Precious! He also melts my heart by saying "pleeeeease" in the sweetest of ways. Even when I really mean no my heart just melts when he asks so nicely. "pleeeeease can I play with your cell phone". Oh! Such a sweet boy.

He likes to sit and look at books and has become part of my nighttime book sessions with the older boys. I can no longer send the wee ones to bed 1/2 hour before the big kids. Darn it! They just cry and fuss because they know the big kids are up. So, now it's a very full bed of kids to read with. BG sits very still and listens to the story and looks at the pictures...his Sis...ummmm, not so much.

At prayer time BG and Sis are both doing a great job saying the Lord's Prayer. They can do just about the whole thing. Amazing. BG requests Jesus Loves Me each night at bedtime and often if he wakes up at night he'll ask me or Papa to sing it again.

He is the baby and all the kids call him precious. They laugh at the things he does and says and they run to help him and attend to him. In the morning when he wakes up the kids will go in his room and I can hear them saying, "good morning precious...come on, Mama's down in the kitchen". Love it.

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  1. This is so very sweet. You inspired me and reminded me of very happy times past. You are an amazing Mommy!



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