Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love, love, love this photo of Tuba. It was taken at the OR coast this summer. What a beautiful boy we have. Tuba loves the ocean and you can see it in his expression. He dances back and forth to the waves.

Time to update on the kids and what each of us has been up to. Tuba started high school this year! He is doing really well. I love his teacher. She is a first year teacher and is wonderful. Tuba has an aide that rides the bus to and from school with case of a seizure. The high school program has many great programs for Tuba. Each week the kids get to go swimming, go bowling and they also walk to the local grocery store and Starbucks gives them a free drink! Hey, I might sign up for high school!! He has had some challenging behavior issues with the adjustment but he is working hard and the communication between his teacher and home is great!

Tuba's seizures have been okay too. We are seeing about 1 a week. We are slowly weaning him off of one of his seizure drugs. I hope some of his sleepiness and crabbiness goes away once the medication is gone. He will still be on other meds but the fewer the better.

Tuba of course still loves church. When we pull up on Sunday morning he is unbuckled and practically jumps out of the moving car so he can beat feet inside. We could all learn a thing or two from Tuba! No matter how long the service lasts he is thrilled. At the end of the liturgy more prayers are read out loud. Tuba runs over to stand next to the reader and will not leave until they are all completed. Prayer time at home is just as exciting for him. He hollers for the candles to be lit before we begin. Love my sweet boy and his heart for the Lord.


  1. Have you ever shared why his nickname is Tuba?

  2. He is so precious! Love that photo too! God is good to bless us with such sweet (& sometimes sour!) souls to love and care for!



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