Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Guy

Busy Guy is loving pre-school. He goes 3 days a week and is making new friends and having a ball. His teacher tells me that he is always kind to others and is such a fun, good friend. Nice! He really misses Mr. P and spends a lot of his day asking me how many more hours until Mr. P comes home. How sweet. But, he is finding out how to play with the younger kids now. The dynamic has changed and now the 3 little ones are playing new things together. It's especially great at night before bed when Busy Guy asks Baby George if he wants to read a book. Then they both go sit on Baby George's bed and Busy Guy "reads" him the book.

Soccer season is over for Busy Guy. He loved it. I think he truly loved practicing with Mr. P's team the most. He got right in there with the bigger boys and loved it. We are deciding what sport to try next. The boys are all interested in Tae Kwon Do.

Busy Guy has been drawing a ton. He will go get out pens/crayons/pencils etc. and sit and draw. He is making great pictures and it's fun to hear about what he is drawing. He also likes to draw on the chalk board and play with play doh too. He has been showing a real artistic interest. Also, he LOVES music. He is constantly rocking out...playing air guitar, air drums, and rockin' it. He also plays his toy Ukulele from Hawaii and tries to make it like a guitar. He fingers the strings and copies what he sees guitarists do. He of course learned it all from Cam. A real mini Cam! Busy Guy wants to play guitar and have lessons but I think it's probably a bit too early....and advice is welcome, leave it in the comments or email me. :)

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