Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mr. P

As I type Mr. P is upstairs lying in my bed watching cartoons. He came home from school yesterday, laid down on the couch, spiked a big fever and then slept most of the evening. Poor baby boy.

But, other than being sick today here is how he's doing. Mr. P started 1st grade this year. He LOVES going to school all day. His favorite things are having lunch at school and getting two recesses. :) I just went to his conference last week and it was a raving review. The teacher told me he is very well liked and is always on task. Wow! Good to hear. He is doing very well in reading and spelling too. Each week they have a spelling test. He gives me a hard time about studying for them...but obviously it's paying off. I was excited to hear that Mr. P is excelling in math. He tested much higher than the average 1st grader in math. Also, it's his favorite subject. I miss him during the day and so do his siblings...especially Busy Guy. It's so fun when we come to pick him up at school and everyone is hugging hello. :)

Mr. P is playing soccer (one game left) and Cam and Grandpa Keith are the coaches. They have a really fun team of boys. Mr. P really stepped out of his shell and is playing more aggressively this year. He scored a goal in last week's game!
Mr P is growing like a weed and growing up so much. I'm sad thinking that soon he won't sit on my lap or hold my hand in public. He is already getting shy about hugging/kissing us goodbye when we drop him off at school. :( Whaaaaaa! Oh...well, for now I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I'm going to go upstairs now and cuddle my sick little guy while he watches cartoons.

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