Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sissy's Turn

This post should be called, "Why we are NOT getting a kitten anytime soon!". Little Sis loved this baby kitten. He is super friendly and sweet. But, within 3 minutes of being Sishandled (chased, caught, hugged half to death, kissed, squeezed, suffocated, and loved on) the kitten arched it's back and hissed at her! The sweet kitten then thought he would be safe under this, not so safe. I love how the look on Sis' face is pure delight. She didn't have a clue that the kitten did not want her to touch him.

I had our dear friend Mary step in to save her kitten. :) Check out the kitten's head. Hurry Mary!

One last pic of pure delight...getting to hold a squirming kitty.

So now I'll do the update on Sis.
Sis will be 3 at the end of next month. Wow! She is getting and she is so independent!! In fact...I had to stop typing this entry and run upstairs because she was using a knife to cut some cheese!! Oh! She does everything herself. She is all potty trained...has been since the week we started. She wants to wipe herself...but mean mom wants to help her. ;)
Her favorite thing in the world is clothes! Favorite!! She gets up in the morning and strips of pj's, and begins to pull ALL of her clothes out...out of drawers, out of closet, out of folded laundry basket! Not my favorite thing. She then changes her clothes no less than 10 times a day. She comes up with some crazy outfits too. Most of her ensembles consist of tights...2 pair, socks, 2-3 pair, swimsuit 1-4 at a time, and maybe a tutu or dress over the top and then some jeans on for good measure. I have a hard time in the morning with this because 1. I'm in a hurry, 2. I'm a control freak and I don't want her going out in these crazy bag lady outfits, 3. well...I'm just not that fun. ;) So, the morning rule is this. RULE: We pick the outfit together and then it MUST stay on until we come home again. Most days she follows it but sometimes just as we are ready to leave I look over and there she sits in her undies...again. Ugh! Shoes are her next favorite and we go through quite the discussion in the am over which ones to wear. Um-hmmm. Luckily, she loves to have her hair combed and fixed! She will even tell me which style she'd like...pony tail, piggy tail, clips, etc.
Sis and Baby Guy are both sleeping in big kid beds now! They are both doing really well about staying in bed....most of the time. If BG gets up Sis will yell, "I'm a GOOD girl Mama!". Of course she doesn't yell that if she is the one out of bed. :0
Sis is very good at singing. She can sing so many songs that I can't even count that high. She loves to listen to this Kids Tunes CD we have. Aunt Sara bought it a few years ago and it has 3 discs with about 50 songs on each disc. Many of the songs are really old ones (from the 20's-50's) and lots of nursery rhymes too. It's fun to hear Sis sing them all! Her favorites are Lazy Mary, Small World, and I've Been Workin' On the Railroad.
Sis is busy! I should change her name to Busy Girl and get Busy Guy a new name!! Really! She does not nap and goes full speed ALL day long!! She loves to play dollies as well as swords too. She and Tuba will sit and stack blocks or build with Tinker Toys for fun. But, if she had her choice it would be clothes...if that is a game?? I asked her if she wanted pretty pants (her new favorite...meaning jeans with sparkles or designs on them) or a doll for Christmas and she said, "Pretty Pants!!!!". That's my girl!

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