Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Girl Time

The boys (Cam, Busy Guy and Mr. P) have been going to TKD classes 2-3 times a week. Baby George has been REALLY missing his Daddy. He asks for him first thing in the morning and then cries if he has missed saying goodbye to him. He then cries throughout the day and asks for Daddy. On the nights the boys go to TKD Baby George about comes unglued. Cam just barely gets home from work and then is gone again.

Well, last week I begged Cam to take him with. On that night Cam first had a class (he is a higher belt level than the boys) and then the boys had a class. They would be gone 2.5 hours and I knew BG couldn't make it without a Daddy fix. Cam took him along. It worked great. The boys sat with BG and looked at books and played their electronic Leapsters while Cam did his class. Then Cam held him and snuggled him while the boys did their class. Perfect!

Meanwhile I was home with just Tuba and Sis! Heavenly!! It was SO easy and fun to be home with just the two of them. Tuba was doing his own thing so I decided to ask Sis if she would like to have her toenails painted for the first time. Well, you can imagine she was thrilled!

We went to pick out a color and then I put her up on the bathroom counter. She sat perfectly still (seriously this NEVER happens). I moved her to the couch and she sat like a statue until I said they were dry. Then at bedtime she wouldn't let me put blankets over her toes. Hehehe. So cute. She thought it would wreck them. All week long she keeps glancing at her toes and saying, "Pretty! Just like Mommies toes!". She also held up her hand and asked me about painting her fingernails. Ahhhhh! I love having this little girl!! I told her we could paint our fingernails for Pascha. She is patiently waiting. I have flowers painted on my big toenails from a salon visit...well of course she wants that too. :)

The boys all want me to do TKD too. I don't think so.

1. They do sparring and I don't want anyone hitting me (I wouldn't mind hitting them). ;)

2. Soon BG will be old enough to go to TKD and participate and Sis and I can hang out and be girly! Oh! Cam is insisting she go to TKD too....hmmmm....we will see what the future brings.

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