Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Trip

We have been on Spring Break and Cam is on vacation too. We took a little 3 day trip over the mountains to visit family and relax....and get some much needed sunshine. We rented a condo in town that we got for a great price.
The view from the condo was really nice. Lake and mountains.

We got to spend the day with our niece. We babysat her while my sister worked. We would have kept her both days but our van isn't big enough for an extra person. :( I think we need a bigger van! We were in town so we walked with the kids to our activities. It was really cold....brrrrr. The only hard part about having the baby was everyone fighting over their turn to hold her. She was so good and easy to watch.

We got to have dinner with Grandma and Auntie and cousin three days in a row! Too fun.
The hot tub at the condo was awesome. We sat in the cold air and nice sunshine and relaxed in the warm water. Heavenly.

We took the kids bowling. Tuba loves it!! We had our neice that day too. So fun. My sister asked us if spending the day with a baby gave us baby fever. Ummm....Nope! It was so nice to enjoy her and snuggle her and send her home with her Mama. ;)

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  1. I LOVE that your family is working at making the "cousin-connection" and I say excellent! That is effort that will spread into a world of yummy loving chocolate...nice going my dears, nice going!



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