Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Good Ones

More good questions and comments on the post about Tuba's future. Carrie wants to know of any books or online resources to help explain special needs to siblings, cousins and other children. I actually do not know of any but I'm sure they exist. If anyone knows of titles or websites you can leave it in the comments and I'll share it. We have always told our kids that Tuba has an "owie" in his brain and that it is just the way God made him. All of our kids understand that Tuba is different than they are. He takes medication for seizures every day. The kids can all recognize a seizure and will holler for me if they see one. The kids all help Tuba with things he cannot do put his shoes on or buckle his seat belt. They are a great help...especially Mr. P since he is the oldest. I know that as the other kids get older they will help too. Our kids are very comfortable with other people who have special needs too. Cam and I will always say hello and go out of our way to greet people in the community...especially those with special needs. The kids are used to all kinds of people. The thing I love most about our kids is that they are not embarrassed of Tuba. Let me tell you...sometimes he does stuff that IS embarrassing. He can have a BIG fit in public with yelling, screaming, hitting, biting, spitting, and even tries to pull the back of his pants down. None of the kids are ever embarrassed. That makes a big impression on me. I guess to them it is just the way life is in our family. :) I have often thought that kids will follow the example of the parents. I don't know...I think my kids do better than I do. Of course there is sibling squabbling and teasing with all the kids. Tuba is basically a toddler and we have two other toddlers so it can be a bit chaotic. The difference is that Tuba is a 5'1" toddler and can hold things WAY up the air to keep them away from another kid. :) The other question was from Anonymous and they asked what our plans for Tuba are after we are gone. ARRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH! Lalalalalalalalalalalala! That is the sound I am making as I plug my ears and go into complete denial. AHHHHHH!!!! DENIAL. It is one thing to be stressed thinking what Tuba will be doing after high school but it's a whole other thing to image after Cam and I are gone. I don't like to go all. I know we have to think it through. Of course we do talk about it. Cam has said that he hopes he and Tuba go at the same time. Really. It is just too hard to imagine Tuba here without us. He does have his siblings. Thank God for them and thank God there are 4 of them. We talk with our kids about them taking care of Tuba. They will all tell you that they are going to have Tuba live with them. They say that they will play video games with him and let him have a fire every day. :) At their young ages they cannot really imagine a time when Cam and I won't be here but as they get older they will understand. Cam and I have some planning to do and we are beginning to find out how to set up a trust for Tuba. Guess I better get going on that....once I take my fingers out of my ears.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We think about the future too when we aren't here for our daughter. Thankfully she has her 3 brothers like Tuba haas his siblings too.

    Carrie T.

  2. Becky, Thanks for sharing these thoughts. There is not a doubt in my mind that God has it all worked out for the good of everyone. Don't worry your planning heart too much :)



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