Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh The Stories

I could write a book about my days working in the lingerie department. "Anonymous" requested I tell some of those tales. Hmmmmm....where to begin. First let me say that I worked with some fun gals! We laughed and talked and ate candy and had a grand time. My favorite part of the job was helping little old ladies. When one would come in everyone would holler for me and tell me I had a customer. I also loved fitting women for a prosthetic after having a mastectomy. I met some great women. Some timid and scared and some vibrant and the woman who came in announced she was "here to get some boobs!". The list of crazy things I saw is endless. Let me way that working in retail you see some crazy things. Plus, because it was Nordstom (known for great customer service) we had to deal with many people who were rude, mean, and downright abusive all with a smile. Here is some of the things that stand out in my mind. Having to tell husbands/boyfriends to get OUT of the dressing rooms while their wives/girlfriends tried on lingerie. Some of the men were so tall you could see their heads sticking up over the tops of the doors! They'd come slinking out. Sheesh. Watching the local "dancers" come prancing out in thong undies to ask how they looked. Fitting men for bras. Anniversary Sale. People can act seriously CRAZY. As the gate would open women would lie on their belly and crawl under it and take off running. CRAZY. One woman was shopping and her son told her he had to go to the bathroom, so she set down a little beach pail for him. Next thing you know she is hollering at him because he went #2 in it instead of #1. Yep. A huge swollen belly of a pregnant woman. Her belly was so huge it made me feel weak in the knees. Numerous men who would say their wife/girlfriend was "your size"....or worse they'd look you up and down and then say, "she's way smaller than you". Drunk men shopping. Drunk men shopping on Christmas Eve...who were annoyed that there was nothing left. I saved the worst for last. Umm-huh. Returns. The returns of underwear. The returns of WORN underwear. WORN OUT underwear. Ewwwwww. Here's a few of the reasons women would give for the return, "I was cleaning out my drawer and I just never wear these anymore", "I ride horses and these undies caused all of my pubic hair to rub off", "These go up my bum" and best of all when a woman returned old undies with stains she got very indignant and gave us a lesson on how stains in undies is a normal thing. Yep. We would use a pencil or some tissue paper to pick up the sick disgusting things and throw them in the trash can. Then we'd ring up the return and hand them the money. Unbelievable! Where do these people come from? And there you have it. Life in Lingerie. One more thing. In the comments my friend Jolene left me a message about WW. I thought I should say I am finally taking some weight off. I'm down to 138 (so that's 5 lbs down). So now only 8 more lbs. to go. Yeah. I've figured out how many points I can eat on this new plan and it's working for me again. In case you are also a petite middle aged woman close to goal weight....I eat 27-29 points a day with NO weekly points and NO exercise points. I work out 4 days a week. Oh, and yeah for you Jolene. Great job on your loss. Go Girl!

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  1. serving the public is never easy. I love that you loved the part about helping people..."I'm here to get some boobs!" If we all could have that degree of love-to-be-alive.



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