Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall is Here!

I love Fall!! And we have had a beautiful beginning to the season this year. The whole month of September and the first part of October was rainless....that is unheard of around here. Beautiful I tell you. Sunshine galore!

Now we are into the cold weather and rainy days. I still love Fall. We've had a fire in the fireplace most weeks. I love the smoky smell left in my house the next day. It's so fun to cuddle up in the living room and warm up. We all love to watch the flames. After the kids go to bed Cam and I sit in the quiet and enjoy it. The quiet is amazing!

What else do I love about Fall? Hot drinks. I love a cup of hot tea. GoodEarth green tea with lemongrass is the best...also love black tea, coffee, cocoa, and cider. The yummy casseroles and plenty of comfort food have been churning out of the kitchen too. A little Mac-n-cheese, pot roast, a roast turkey, and lots of soup. We love soup in this family!

I love boots. It's Fall and I can wear my boots....rain boots, leather boots, black ones, brown boots....I really want some more boots. And sweaters and jeans and coats and scarves and mittens. Oh my!

There is so much outside to love too. The leaves are turning brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow. I love the sound of crunching leaves under my feet. The fog covers the water and islands in the early part of the day. It looks like a big pillowy blanket.

I got to go to The Farm on a field trip with my little ones. What a fun and special day. We had a great time going on a hay ride, playing on the playground, visiting the animals and picking pumpkins too.
What do you love about Fall? Also, I love to decorate my front porch for the season. Do you? If so, take a picture, post it, leave a link in the comments so I can see a picture of your front porch.
Kairos Moments:
The sunrise today caught my eye. Brilliant shades of pink and red across the sky.
An eagle flew over my van while driving to the gym. Stunning.
I didn't feel good the other night and Sis uttered a spontaneous prayer for me. She said, "God, make Mommy feel better". So kind and precious.

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