Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hernia Alert

My busy wild girl has a hernia. Everybody keeps saying, "Ouch, poor baby". But, to tell you the truth she isn't in any pain. Occasionally she will say it hurts...and then she races off at warp speed. She is jumping, somersaulting, kicking, skipping and blasting through the day.

We are waiting for the Dr. to call and tell us when the surgery will be. Not my favorite thing....surgery. But, it's the only way to fix the hernia.

We think she was probably born with it. I have always noticed a slight swelling on one side of her pubic bone. I had the Dr. look at it last year at her well child visit. The Dr. thought that it was normal asymmetry and possible swelling from lymph nodes when she was sick. I have had Cam look at it numerous time too. Because it would come and go and was very slight it has gone on for a long time.

But, recently it has become more pronounced. Cam looked at it this past weekend and while pushing on it could feel it slip back into the abdominal wall. He declared, "a hernia!". Off to the Dr. and then an ultrasound and yes indeed it's a hernia.
But, meanwhile....screaming, zooming and playing are the norm. I wonder if she'll slow down at all the day of the surgery? Maybe an hour or two?

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  1. Be sure and keep us all up-to-date on this...such as would she be in the hospital overnight...two nights...would you like us to provide lunch/dinner/pick up kids, etc. Love you and thought I know this won't be a lot of fun...better to find out now than a later time when she IS in pain.



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