Thursday, October 11, 2012

We Love Kids

Today I was at Mr. P's classroom volunteering. So fun! I really have a great time being in the classroom (no surprise...I did get my teaching degree).

I love kids. Cam loves kids. Our kids love kids. This makes me so happy.

In the grocery store, at church, at school, in the neighborhood....everywhere I go I talk to kids, smile at them in passing, wave at them or give a wink. Cam does the same. We are drawn to kids. I find kids fun. I love their honesty and zest for life. I have always loved to be with kids and spend time talking to them. Always.

This has rubbed off on our kids. They especially love their cousins and LOVE it when they get to come over and stay with us. It warms my heart.

My niece Payton climbed up in bed with Mr. P at bedtime. She pulled up the blanket and asked for a book. Ten minutes later they were both asleep. So precious.
Sis loved helping Aspen play basketball.

Uncle Cam getting smooches from Aspen and Mr. P sandwiched in the middle of a snuggle fest.
Busy Guy was having so much fun playing with Payton. They were hysterical!


  1. Yes, our children copy what we do...if we love and share they love and share. If we lie, they lie. If we laugh, they laugh. If we hit and hurt, they hit and hurt. You and Cam have found the way to love, share, laugh and enjoy life.

  2. Love the pictures of the kids with their cousins. I loved being with my cousins when I was young. Good memories to last a long time.

  3. Just wanted to share that I showed 90 yer old Gramma S the blog photos. She LOVED the ones of the cousins. Ah, the magic of pictures and the internet. Thank you for posting.

  4. They are such great cousins! Love them all! :)



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