Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Use It

When I was a little girl I was a saver. If someone gave me a pretty bar of soap I would keep it unused. As I grew up and got my own home I decorated with pretty towels, pillows, and other things that were just for looks. Not to be used.

For years I would dry off with an old worn out towel so that my new fluffy ones would stay nice. I'd put my pretty pillows on a chair at bedtime. I think that with age I've realized that time is short and I should enjoy....or use the things I have. I should enjoy drying off with those nice towels.

 I've taken a look around my house and decided to get  some things out and enjoy them. When Cam's dad died he left us a trunk full of old heirlooms. In the trunk were six old quilts. I love quilts! But, these quilts were old, and not in great what to do with them. They have been in a box for 9 years.

I opened the box and took them out. I talked it over with Cam. Should we use them, sell them, or store them? They wouldn't sell for much and sticking them back into a box just doesn't seem right. So, I took out my favorite ones. I am really enjoying them.

They may get damaged or used up. That's okay. Better than sitting in a box unseen for generations to come.

I've got more Just Use It items coming out of boxes and closets and I'll post them soon.

I put this sweet little quilt on Sissy's bed. It looks so cute.
I draped this pretty scalloped edged quilt over a chair in my bedroom. So cheery.
What is your Use It philosophy? What do you store or decide to use? Take a picture of something you are taking out to use. Post it to your blog and leave the link in the comments here.

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