Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Works For Me

I will be regularly sharing something that Works For Me. I love to organize and I thought I'd share with all of you ways that I keep our lives/house/car/schedules/accessories/junk in order...or at least try to.

When school started back up I began using this little white board to detail the afternoon. It really helps me have things ready when the boys get off the bus. They come home hungry (are kids ever not hungry?) and need a snack while doing homework. And...It helps me to have a dinner plan. Ever have one of those nights when it's time to eat and everything is still frozen. Uh-huh.

It is great for the kids too. Mr.P and Busy Guy come in and look at the board. I change it up a bit each day....different colors, new greetings, I might tell them to hug a sibling instead or do both. It has really eliminated everyone wanting a different snack. I rarely have to use my stand-by phrase of, "I'm not wearing a name tag that says Flo and this is NOT a restaurant!". :)

Also, the standard, "what's for dinner" question is already answered. Now when they ask I just point to the board.

Works for me!

What tips do you have for keeping the after school time organized?


  1. I do something really similar with my first graders.
    A list goes on the board, and all the stuff we HAVE to do is in green, fun stuff is orange, free time/snack time is blue, extras/crafts are red.
    It really helps uncomplicate things, and helps the kids learn to organize. My priorities, at least! haha.

  2. This is great, Becky! And even though we're home all day I'm thinking of ways I could adapt it for us.

  3. that is a great idea! thanks for sharing it, becky.

  4. I agree with you both. Putting up a list makes the organization part of the day don't whine at the list or kick and pout. It's THE LIST and you follow it. It would be fun, sometime, to let one or another of the kids vote on what comes first or a onetime game sort of thing.



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