Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cousin Fun

We had Cam's sis Cinn her husband Jamie and their two kids with us for a couple weeks. The kids had SO much fun...oh, we adults did too. Crazy busy fun!

I got to have baby snuggles. Baby Juniper!

The boys read Aspen tons of books...possibly hundreds of books. It was hilarious when Moses was finally worn down and he suggested that maybe Mr. P would like to read one. Then Mr. P vetoed her choice of book because it was too long. Ha! 

I can't say enough how much the kids LOVED having the girls here to play. 

Uncle Cam got in on the snuggles too.

These two had an especially good time! They played all day long! Non-stop fun. I think Sis really enjoyed having another girl to play with. The played dolls a lot....and dress-up too!

Tuba of course loved the baby too. 

Don't ya just love baby feet?!

As I looked through the photos I realized there wasn't any of George with the girls. Hmmmmm. He actually had some jealousy during the visit. I'll chalk it up to his age and him being the baby of our family. 

Oh and Sis had jealousy over me holding Juniper. She actually got really mad one day and told me not to hold "that stinky baby!". was hilarious.....and we all laughed a lot once she left the room. 

The kids cannot wait for Christmas so they can all play again. And we hoping and praying for Cinn and Jamie to land jobs near least a day's drive would be great. 

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  1. We had so much fun with you guys! Thank you!



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