Friday, July 18, 2014

That tooth business

Teeth have been flying out of our kids' mouths at lightening speed. Most have given up on counting on the Tooth Fairy.

Mr. P did give me an extra big hug when I "found" $3 on the windowsill where he had left his tooth.

This girl still believes. She lost the top two recently. She was thrilled to receive her cash reward and head to the  Dollar Store.

It is my favorite "look" when kids have the top two teeth missing at the same time. I wish it took longer for the big adult teeth to come in. Once those new teeth are in my baby's face will change. She will look older and more grown up. Not a baby anymore.

I also enjoy the lisp that comes with no teeth on top. Adorable.

Oh, and look at those beautiful brown eyes. What a cutie!

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