Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mr. P is 11!!

This tall sweet boy turned 11. We had my SIL, BIL and their adorable babes staying with us so it made the day even more fun. We went out for burgers and then had ice cream cake at home. 

This year Mr. P requested something special for his bday. He wanted to spend half a day alone with Cam and half a day alone with me. Very sweet! He ended up going on a huge 26 mile bike ride with Cam. They had lunch half way through the ride. Then the next day I took Mr. P to the movies. Just he and I. It was really nice. We saw Transformers IIII. Okay, not my first pick for a movie but sitting in the theater holding my son's hand was the best! 

Happy Birthday to my very handsome boy. You are loved by all little kids.....and it's because you love them too. You play with them and take delight in it. You are a strong and dedicated sportsman. You continue to achieve in TKD and you rocked the basketball court this year!! 

You love to tell me you are now a Tween. I can feel it are growing up. But I am enjoying watching you grow. I love you sweet boy.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mr P!!! I have movie tickets for Mr P and Mr S ...forgot to give them to you. 5 each



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