Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paddle Boarding

I got to cross one thing off of my Summer Bucket List!

I have wanted to try Paddle-boarding since last summer when I saw two moms at the beach taking turns paddling around in the water. It looked so peaceful.

I was excited to meet another mom at George's preschool that just opened a paddle board business! turns out that she used to play Select Soccer with my awesome SIL Cinn.

Sooooooo.....Cinn and I booked a lesson together during their visit. It was really fun!!

We took our lesson at the marina. We wore wetsuits even though the weather was warm. I thought for sure I would fall into the water.

We launched from the dock and learned how to paddle on our knees....and then learned to stand up. Then we learned how to hold the paddle, to move and to turn.

1. It's WAY harder than it looks. Have you ever worked out on a Bosu Ball? Standing on the board is just like that. You use all your leg muscles and core strength to balance. Then you use your upper body to paddle yourself around.

It was a nice peaceful place to practice paddling. There were boats all around us but they were parked. We were protected from too many waves too by the marina docking. 

We got to see fish swimming below us AND we had a little visit from a curious sea lion. 

We toured around for about an hour. We DIDN'T fall in either!! Next time I'll skip the wetsuit since I was really hot and sweaty. 

I can't wait to try it again. I'm hoping to rent a board when we go to Lake Chelan. The kids all want to try it too. You can even put a kid on the board sitting down and then the adult paddles them around. So fun. 

So what else is on my bucket list for summer? 

I want to take a family hike to a local waterfall. 
I want to explore a local island that I've never been to. 
I want to have a family bike ride and picnic on my favorite trail. 
I want to have drinks on my new deck (the deck is currently being built).....oh I can't wait!
I want to have a date night with Cam and pack a picnic for the park or beach. 

How about your summer bucket list? What's on it?


  1. How wonderful that paddle boarding was on your bucket list...paddle boarding! I remember a hundred years ago when you told me you didn't think you were "athletic" but man-o-man, over the years you consistently prove THAT statement to be in error! Glad you got to try it and even more glad that you liked/loved it!

  2. I think that what I meant was that I'm not competitive. I now know that I am athletic but I'm not competitive and don't like team sports (to play) at all. I do however love to watch my kids play team sports.



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