Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monday Monday

Oh Monday.....lovely Monday. I have a sitter for the kids on Mondays this summer. Four glorious hours to myself. A much needed respite.

The first week I eagerly awaited (faced pressed up against the window) for the sitter to arrive. I hadn't been out alone in a solid month. Not pretty. 

I had errands to run so I quickly got them out of the way. Then off to my favorite coffee shop with a new book. I found a cozy chair and settled in with a cup of black tea and a almond croissant. 

It may have been the book...the melancholy music playing....or PMS....or the fact that I was bone tired but I burst into tears sitting there reading. 

I really need to get out of the house more....which is why this Monday date with myself gig is so great!

After my cry and finishing my treats I went off to a pedicure. So relaxing! A good hour in the massage chair while getting my feet scrubbed and rubbed. Bliss. 

I returned home a much calmer and happier mommy....and eagerly awaiting the next Monday. 

The next Monday I had a dental cleaning first thing on my list. I decided to wear my exercise clothes and get a good power walk in after the cleaning. I walked to the same coffee shop...ordered my fav and plopped into my cozy seat.

No tears this time. I spent some time reading and then walked back to my car. The rest of my time I spent running errands. That doesn't sound very exciting but driving in a car alone is really relaxing. 

My 3rd week of Monday Time I took Mr. P with me. We ran errands to the bank, and then the courthouse and another office in town. He then sat patiently (playing the iPad) while I got a pedicure. Then we went out to lunch. 

It was really nice to get some one-on-one time with Mr. P. He is the perfect age to run errands with....and a nice lunch date too. 

My 4th week was spent at physical therapy and then at the hospital. My MIL just had surgery and I was so happy to have a sitter so I could be at the hospital with Cam. Everything went great with her surgery too! 

I'm looking forward to next Monday. Sis and I are going shopping! Some back to school clothes for her! Fun!

Oh...and the book....Tell The Wolves I'm Home. Very, very good!! I highly recommend it.

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  1. Once I retire I'll come up and watch the kids so you don't have to get a sitter! :-)
    Have to get that book ...and I need a good book recommendation for my trip to Mexico.
    Don't cry – sad, next time call your Mom! XOXOXOXO



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