Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Hike

One of the things on my summer bucket list was a hike. I picked out this great one....not too long...beautiful scenery and got the fam on board. The trail featured a series of three waterfalls. The total hike is around 5 miles round trip. But, you can turn around after the 1st or 2nd waterfall. I figured we would see how far we could go. 

I thought of the hike like a little jaunt in the woods. Cam took it far more seriously. He packed water for each of us, and had the kids get their backpacks ready. The TKD boys packed there Bo Staff....aka ...a stick. Ummmm....I didn't plan to encounter bears or the boogieman but I guess we could error on the side of safety. 

I packed a picnic. Food, my first priority. We ate at a nice picnic table before heading to the trail. 

The weather was hot and we were glad for all the water Cam packed. As soon as the trail entered the woods it got cooler in the shade. The scenery was beautiful. 

The grade of the trail was fine for everyone except that there were large rocks and tree roots in the path. It was VERY VERY hard for Tuba to traverse all of this. He worked hard but his depth perception is really bad and it was tough. We plugged along helping him over the obstacles. 

After about an hour we still had not reached the first of the falls. Tuba was really tired and we were scared that if he fell and hurt himself that we wouldn't be able to get him out. So, Cam took him and turned around with Moses in tow. I took the other kids and pushed on. I was determined to see the falls. After about another 15 minutes my littlest two kids tuckered out. We turned around and headed back. We soon caught up with Tuba.

We had a lovely couple of hours enjoying the view and each other's company. We will try the trail again...maybe just Cam and I. Hiking date!


  1. That hike looks great!!!! I am going to have you plan my hikes next summer.

  2. Fun! I love hiking, but then you know that. :-)

    Great photos!




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