Monday, September 22, 2014

Paddle boarding again

I got a second chance this summer to try paddle boarding. I was very excited to try it again. I learned a few things this time around. The size/shape/quality of the board make a HUGE difference! The board I rented was not as easy to balance....not easy at all. Now, add choppy waves and boats zooming around creating wakes. It was REALLY hard. 

I paddled around a bit on my knees to get used to the board. Mr. P stayed on for about 5 minutes and then I had to boot him off so I could try to stand up. 

It was super wobbly and it took me several minutes to ease into standing. Once up I had to grip with all my might to stay up and not fall. 

It was a very good workout!

I talked Cam into trying too. I'm a bad wife because I've never laughed so hard at him trying to stand up. He didn't give up....even after falling multiple times. It really was hilarious....huge wobble and big splash....repeat. I love you Cam. 

I've never been better than Cam at anything physical! Ever! I have to admit I was a little thrilled. Truthfully it must have something to do with my lower center of gravity.

The kids tried the kayak and loved it. 

We got to spend our annual day at the water slides with the grandparents and auntie and cousins. So fun! 


  1. I just love how you and Cam make each of "the grands" part of the lives of your children! And we each bring something different 'to the table" - What a wonderful tradition to learn the boundaries of Chelan and all it's opportunities for fun. So, Becky, when do you get your own paddleboard?

  2. Fun! I have to try that sometime. Great photos.

  3. I forgot to mention that, even though I have never tried paddle boarding, I did try water skiing while in high school and I still remember the awful pain of it - after falling (HARD!) twice while either trying to get up or hitting the waves wrong while up. I never did get the hang of it - so, perhaps Cam's inability to balance is genetic?



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