Friday, September 26, 2014

Vacation Highlights

I never know quite how to post about our vacation. We wait all year long for this special week at the coast. We all LOVE the OR coast...the ocean...the beach house....the time together.

I take a lot of photos and of course I don't know where to start or what to share or how much to post. This year I'll group them into categories of things we love about the beach.

Those things we love are....

The View
Deck Time
The Jetty
The Ocean
The Sand

....and I'm sure I'll think of some more.

Today I'll share The View. Enjoy. It brings my pulse down and makes me calm just to look at these photos. Ahhhhh.

Sunset is our favorite time to sit and look at the view and watch the sun sink into the sea.

Miles of sand and sea are my favorite place to walk and take in the view. 

Each day watching the tide come in and out is so soothing. 

Tuba loves sunset. He will sit and watch the whole time. He likes to call everyone to come and see it with him.

This one is just after sunset. The stars come out and they are amazing. Cam always has us come stand on the deck to see the stars. 

It's a magical place and we love it!

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