Friday, September 12, 2014

Cam's Birthday!

Summer has sped by a warp speed and now we are a week into our new school year. Whoa! I'm so behind that I'm not sure where to begin. I'll be playing catch up for a while!

I'll start with Big Daddy's birthday. Cam turned 46....about a month ago.

We spent a fun day going on a ferry ride and then to the beach at Cam's favorite Fort. The day was gorgeous!!

Cam and the kids LOVE the local forts. Me? I love the beach and the view.

Cam loves to give the kids a history lesson along the way.

We packed a fabulous picnic for the beach. Big deli style sandwiches, fruit, chips, and ice tea. 
This pic cracks me up. Cam is all covered up and me...sorry but I do love the sun and a bit of a tan. 
Cam's had melanoma so he is extra careful in the sun.

The kids played in the water.

The fav part of our lunch. Ice tea. These cans are big enough for a few of us to share but we bought each kid their own can! I must have been in a really good mood....or distracted....or overruled. 

Cam and the kids love to go explore the underground tunnels and bunkers. Me? I love the beach.

After a great day we headed home and out to dinner. We didn't have time to go home and change so we just went in our sandy, sunblock, swimsuit attire.

We love this place and we had SO much fun!! We laughed and snuggled. We had such a good meal and everyone was in such a great mood. Sunshine + family time.

We had a ball! Perhaps letting the kids have Roy Rogers/Shirley Temples on top of the giant ice teas was a bit reckless. But hey, it was Cam's birthday and he said it was okay. 

Happy Birthday Cam!! You are a wonderful husband and dad! You make things so fun and are always up for an adventure. You work so hard but you play hard too! You are truly my better half. You calm me when I need to be soothed. You inspire me when I need to be fired up. always say yes to giant ice tea! You're the best! We love you. XO


  1. Great photos! Looks like a truly fun day!!! XOXOXOXO to all of you

  2. I am so glad you are playing "blog catch up!" because I would hate to miss these pictures! Yes Cam does play hard and work hard - he is also fiercely loyal and loves his family all the way! His enthusiasm and energy do not outweigh his intellect and sensitivity. Glad it was a good day!!!

  3. That was a really great day. Thank you for making it so. Love hanging out with our family more than anything. Love you forever



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